April 26th, 2006

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I tried to take Albus to the lake to study today, but he wouldn't sit down so I could focus.  Anyway I got some fun pics of him.


Nose to the grindstone...I will be an ethical lawyer err I mean dog...I will I tell ya

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If anyone in Michigan/Ohio/Indiana/Illinois is looking to adopt a Boston, I know of one from the Petfinder classifieds that you may be interested in. My friend pointed the ad out to me and I emailed to get the details. Unfortunately with two of my own babies I cannot commit to caring for another, however, I want to spread the word because it sounds like he would make a great addition to someone's family. :)

His name is Milo, he is 2 years old and around 10 lbs. He doesn't do well with little kids but loves other dogs and cats. He needs his shots brought up to date. The person trying to find him a home rescued him two months ago and she has a baby on the way, so she cannot keep him. She is asking fifty dollars as an adoption fee. She doesn't have a photo but she says he's "completely adorable!"

If you are interested or know someone looking to adopt a BT willing to drive to Paw Paw, MI to pick him up, please email her: mickypreston06@yahoo.com

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easter bunny?

Tonight I was out for my evening stroll with doofus face and we are just getting home and we pass the dumpster and my mom noticed a cage...and in the cage was this funny looking dog. I immediately thought, what a GREAT way to get rid of doofus face...but my mom seemed real sad about it and decided we needed to bring this thing into our home. Ok, this is animal number 2 she has rescued and I just dont know how I feel about it.

joey and tanner check out the rabbit
Hey, weird dog, what do you have to eat in there. (please notice that doofus face is completely oblivious)

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