April 27th, 2006


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my boston was rescued on my birthday november 12, 2005 from the louisville humane society. he wasn't the first dog i wanted. it was my birthday and of course i want a tiny baby puppy but we saw him and instantly knew he needed our help. he was sick, had kennel cough, mange, you name it. the dogs next to him at the humane society were occupied with katrina victim dogs and this puppy had caught a nasty virus from them. his teeth are deformed and it makes a pathway for his tongue to stick straight out of his mouth at all times. he was about 6 months old when we adopted him.

we named him mr. french but call him frenchie. we fell in love instantly. we eat, sleeps, walks, and does everything with me. it was abit scary when we brought him home, for the first couple of weeks he was disturbingly sick and almost died. but now his mange is almost completely gone and his coat/markings are goregous. he is the sweetest most exciting puppy i could had asked for.

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The bunny has a new home! A friend from work found a friend who she knew loves bunnies so it will have a new home with a big yard. I am so relieved. So is Joey, he is going to go nuts whining at the silly bunny.
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I think we can all agree that Bostons as a whole are a bit "different" and that is why we love them.
I'm curious if anyone else has a Boston who does like laineylj.
She only does this with men... She will take a toy (as seen below) and if you are laying down or reclined she will walk up your chest and put the toy about 1/2 of a millimeter away from your eyes and tapdance on you while shaking her butt like there is no tommorow.

Here she is harassing my dad. I'm not sure what she wants, she doesn't seem to want you to take it. I don't know if she is just proud of her toy or what.

Anyone else ever experience this phenomenon?

While I have a captive audience...
I'm hosting the pic on my new server and would like to offer up some space for all of you to host pics.
Just go to http://crunkpanda.com/upload/ and you can likely figure it out from there.
All I ask in return is a banner click once and again.
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Hey there! I just joined and have been waiting to for a while actually lol, and now it is time![My partner shall be joining shortly as well].

This saturday I [and the rest of my family] go to pick this lil guy up...

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