April 28th, 2006

Introducing: Oliver

Thanks for all of your great comments about Chowder. He is just as spoiled as your babies. We just got him a bed to keep him out of ours, we even move his snuggle sack from his crate to his bed at night, and ultimately, he creeps into our bed anyway. It's a work in progress.

Here is a picture of Chowder's cousin Oliver "Ollie" who we bought and trained and gifted to my in-laws in December. He's growing and beautiful - and barky - here's a pic when he lived with us (he's about 8 months now):

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The Name Game

I'm sure this has been brought up a couple times, but because it's fun, I'd thought I'd ask:

How/Why did you decide on your Boston's name?

Smudge: Because the first time I saw a Boston I said, "Mom! It's face is all smudged in!" It fit her so perfectly I had to keep it!

toot toot.

We are on our way to pick up Skeeter and are doing a transport to the same rescue from which we adopting our BT. This dog is also a BT and is SO SO sweet. I have taken about a dozen pictures of him already.

So he is gassy. And I'm not talking occasional stinky dog gas, I'm talking "roll all the windows down", and "move ten feet away" gas. And this isn't every few hours, this is about every 5 or 6 minutes.

Now, as weird and embarrassing as this is, I get really gassy when I am nervous. His previous "owner" handed him over to me today, to be brought to the rescue, so perhaps he's nervous about that (although he is a total love bug with us already, we're hanging out in a hotel room and he's just chillin and playing with a toy I brought him) which is causing this atrocious butt behavior. I'm terrified that the doggy we're adopting is going to be as stinky as him!! It's BAD BAD BAD! This is worse than mine and my boyfriends vegan gas combined!