May 9th, 2006

Me Myself and I


Hi, I'm new, My wife has a Boston, and I am the only thing keeping that dog alive sometimes. The boston's name in the Continental Kennel Club is Texas Daisy. She gets called everything from Daisy Dog to Fart bag.

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Today Emma "wet" my parents brand new living room carpet. She had just been outside. She started sniffing the carpet and then squatted. My brother's dog recently moved in with us and has accidents a lot. I am sure Emma was "marking" her territory. I don't know what to do, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can't have her marking everything.

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello and show off my two darlings - Oscar and Ava. Oscar is almost 3 and Ava just turned 1 last month. Oscar was my first Boston (and small dog) and I think they are the best breed ever. We have so much fun and they have such fantastic personalities.

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I love all the pics of everyone's pups. They're all so cute.
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quick question

when i get home from school, bean gets really excited and jumps on me. then when i stick my hand out to pet her, she bites it then licks it. it's not a mean angry bite, it's a happy to see you bite. is this normal? do your bostons do this? thanks for reading!
~ l*rs

Daisy and Water

O.K. Just a little information about Miss Daisy Dog. She loves the water, in fact there is a little park next to our city hall that has a creek that run through it every time that I have taken Daisy over to it the first thing she does is run down to the water and get in it. She does not go any deeper then her belly but she will spend 30 minutes (if I let her, and I have a time or two) playing in the water or trying to get me to come in with her. Then bath time with her is never a problem. She loves to take baths the only problem we run in to is the taking of the collar to wash her neck. You would think that the collar was full a diamonds they way she acts, I have to leave the collar were she can see it or she will freak out it. Once she has been dried and the collar returned she acts if her is the best thing on the planet. I think she is part fish sometimes.

Intro Post

Hi Everyone,

My fiance and I recently adopted a 4 year old Boston named Harmony (that's her in my icon) from It was a great experience and we love her to death. If you're in MI, OH, IL, or IN and want to adopt this is a great organization. They update their website pretty often with different dogs (and seem very honest with the descriptions), so it's worth checking once in a while. Also, they're looking for foster homes if you're not ready for a commitment.

I think this community will be fun to hear other people's stories and experiences with their Bostons. So far the only issues we're having with her is biting when she's excited. Not a mean bite, just a I want to play with you bite. Other than that she's as sweet as can be.

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Naughty puppy!

So, someone told me I needed to post these in boston_buddies so here I am! This is my 6 month old boston, Kiwi. She's quite a handful! I wondered if any of your boston owners had any advice for me? Is it just that she's young, or is it her, because we are having a hard time keeping her off of surfaces and out of things she shouldn't be in. Just today, she jumps on the chair and knocks things off the desk. While I'm cleaning that up, she runs into the bedroom and knocks a whole water bottle onto the bed, soaking it! She's so curious, but I can't watch her every second! What should I do? She has a lot of toys to play with, but she is not interested usually unless someone plays with her. I think she could really do with a playmate but we can't afford another dog right now. We are crate training her so she is in the crate during the day, and I feel bad about putting her in it when we are home. Any advice? I've never owned a dog before (brother's allergic) so this is a new
experience for me.

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