May 10th, 2006


Help me.

Well, Skeeter was a total treat the first week we had him here, there were no potty accidents at all.

It has become incredibly obvious that he has bad bad bad separation anxiety issues. As soon as we shut the door behind us he yelps and barks and cries like crazy, we can actually hear him down the street while we drive away. Even if we are gone for an hour or less, he will have an accident in the house. Oddly enough, when we aren't home for longer periods of time, there aren't really any accidents. We always take him out between 5-10 minutes before we leave and instantly when we get home, but it seems apparent that the problem is just us being gone causing the accidents (he hasn't gone in the house while we were home).

We are going to crate him today while we run some errands, and it will be the first time we do so while we're not home, and for longer than 10 minutes (we tried it for a little while last weekend, but if we were out of eyesight of him he would cry). Because we adopted him as an adult who came from a home where he was abandoned, we're not really surprised with the anxiety, but is there anything we can do to make it less horrible for him (and for our carpets)? We feel so guilty every time we leave the house when we can hear him freaking out... help our sad little Skeeter!?
  • asavas

bt behavior off-leash

I was wondering if anyone has trained their dog so they no longer need a leash? Geech is pretty good most of the time; he doesn't run away if he's not on his leash but I don't trust him farther than the front yard. He tends to go crazy outside and do that thing where he gets that insane look in his eye and starts tearing around in circles! I get really worried when we're outside that he will do this and run out in front of a car. He has also just discovered birds and squirrels and loves to chase them down. He doesn't listen to me when I call him, but he will respond to my husband -- who doesn't think he needs to always be on a leash. Mostly he is good, but like I said, he has those crazy moments where I can't control him. I get really anxious that he will run into the street. He doesn't know any commands at all!

Has anyone been able to train their dog so that you don't need a leash anymore? Do SIT and STAY really even work when your BT is spazzing out?