May 11th, 2006

Me Myself and I

Daisy Images

O.K. I have been having problems with Photobucket so I have started useing Image Shack So I hope that these images come out. There alot of Images so if you are on Dial up it is going to take a while.

But first a few questions: Daisy knows when she has done something wrong and will run to her carrier (Her Room as we tell her) If we go someplace and she does not meet us at the door she is behind the love seat or in her room. We go to looking for what she has done and when we find it she knows that she had been bad and we do not have to hit her or yell at her she just goes to her room like a little kid. The question is this a learned thing or is it common to BTs. Is she just smart enough to go to her room in till my and my wife cool off? Also after a long walk or a trip to the park she goes in to her room and rest and or sleeps, but at night she has to be in the room with me and my wife is the a normal BT thing or just a soiled little doggy?

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