May 30th, 2006


Help for itchy paws?

Rebel has been licking his paws (front and back) constantly for the past couple months.
They are getting pretty pink and looks like he's licking the hair off.  We stop him when we can but at night he'll
wake up and start doing it.   He doesn't chew or gnaw, just licking.
I googled it and found stuff like maybe it's a yeast infection or just a bad habit. 
Have any of you had this problem with your dogs and if so what did you do?
I noticed on Google they mentioned washing with epsom salt?
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ebeys landing

question about ears.

Leonard is 12 weeks old now. He's sleeping through the night and having fewer and fewer wayward potty episodes. He sits and waits for his food bowl and is a darling little brother to our Byron. We couldn't be more proud!

I'm thoroughly enjoying (and documenting!) the floppy-eared stage and I'm sure they're all different, but I can't help but wonder: When did your BT puppy's ears perk up?

centerfold centerfold

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Autumn 2010

meet Winston.

Hey there. I've been lurking around this community for about a week now. Winston is 9 weeks old today, and I have had him since last Monday, so I figured it's time to introduce him.

He was bought from a breeder in Ottawa ON, he's from a litter of three and he's my new baby. Today is his frist trip to the groomers. My grams is a groomer here in Peterborough ON.

I work at a froufy little dog boutique ( so he gets to come to work with me too.

In his first week with me I've taken a million and a 1/2 pictures, so I wanted to share some.

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Not such a big fan of summer weather

Hey everyone. This is my first summer with my boston terrier, Danger. He is almost 4 years old and he weighs 26 pounds. (First off, is that too large for a boston?). I am a little worried about the summer heat and how it will effect Danger. I go outside to clean out my pool and I am out there for less than 5 minutes and I put Danger in his fenced area and I have to stop what I am doing and let him inside because he is panting so much. Is this normal? And what can I do to prevent him for getting so hot? And also what are some signs that he is getting too hot? I just want to make sure that he is alright outside. Please help!!!

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