May 31st, 2006


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we drove from NC to MI and then back over the weekend for a wedding and a funeral. Lucy was less than thrilled.
here she is sleeping on dad though. she just can't ever seem to get comfortable and despite the fact most of her life has been in the car she still spazzes out and gets really tense. she didn't sleep well on the way up and when she saw my mom's sheltie, she rolled over to be submissive and FELL ASLEEP in that position. it was hilarious.


Hey everyone! I am back again! hahaha! I have a question and would like some suggestions and ideas...

I really want to get a painting done of Danger so that I can hang it in my house. I want a really nice picture that looks realistic and a lot like him. Maybe even with my son and I in the picture also. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can go or do any of you know anyone that does doggie portraits? I would really appreciate and information!!!

I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY! You guys are all so helpful and it means alot to me, considering this is my first time I have owned a BT! Thanks so much to everyone for always being great!!!

On another subject......yesterday I posted an entry about my BT getting overheated when he is outside. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep him cool inside? We have an air conditioner but Danger seems to want to sleep in the rooms that are not cool. I leave him every morning to go to work and I sit here at my desk all day long worried about him. I left some ice cubes in his water bowl this morning hoping that would help...and then there is the nervous , scared part of me that worries ALL DAY LONG about the air conditioner being on. All I can think about is a fire starting and not being able to be there to get Danger. AUGH! I can't even think about it, It upsets me so bad. But yeah, any suggestions on that would be great too. Thanks so much everyone!!
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Yesterday afternoon Nate and I noticed that Skeeter had some white, pussy looking discharge on his man-bit. Shortly after that we noticed that he has some red-rashy skin underneath his front paws. He's going to the vet in a couple of hours, but I'm wondering if anyone has any insight as to what that might be? He is eating and going to the bathroom with no problem, his food hasn't changed, yadda yadda. He is breathing fairly heavy, and plopping himself in front of the AC to cool himself off, and enjoyed a nice afternoon icecube.

I am wondering if perhaps it's a heat rash of sorts or something. He has spent a lot of time outside the last few days (three trips to the park) and has been lethargic (although that is his normal personality) and it's already 86 degrees out here already (which I believe is slightly high for NY state). Also, I gave him a bath the other day after our first trip to the park because he jumped into a sort-of filthy lake to cool off (which I can imagine being the cause of all this), which hopefully would have not only cooled im off, but got rid of whatever filthy-ness was in that lake.

I suppose the vet will figure it all out this evening for us, but I'm hoping for a little bit of an idea of what to expect.

Chica is on fire!!

Lil Chica is in HEAT! She is driving Bomber (our FIXED pit) crazy.
I bought a little pair of doggie underwear and even sprayed the booty with Bitter Apple.
Seems that Bomber likes his ladies saucy, so now we are doing the Doggie Wranglin' dance:

Convince one to go into the kennel, dive/scoop/drag/bribe other pup to go outside. (Now, as this is AZ and Bomber leaps 8 ft block fence in a single bound, they can only be outside long enough to do their bidnez.) Then one gets to run the house for a few hours, swing yer pardner, do-si-do, rinse, repeat...

Lucky for Chica I am a strong believer that even if a lady doesn't wear undies every day, she should have a nice selection. And because I can't find anything suitable for my little soiled dove, I have decided to make her some soakers. I am working on a pink pair with a little skull and cross bones on the buns.

Not only will she be fashionable, but I won't have explain to my toddler why a brother and sister like to 'wrestle' so much.

Skeeter update.

Our vet appointment went better than we expected, really. She seemed to think that it was just "normal discharge" and checked out his penis and did some seriously violating inspections. Ha. I guess in that way we were being a little too worried. She said that it shouldn't be a problem unless it's a greenish color that is constantly dripping (dear GOD I hope that never happens).

She did however note the rash on his front paws (as well as some SERIOUS itching while we were in her office), and prescribed an every 12 hour dose of Cephalexin as well as a every 6 hour dose of Benadryl. She's under the impression that he's got some easy-to-deal-with seasonal allergy that could be a result of him being in New York (he was adopted from a home in Missouri, so I'm sure the climate and grasses and flowers are all different). If the itching and rashing continues then we'll apparently be putting him on some sort of steroids and do some food allergy testing. Since the rash has only recently occured the only thing I can think of he might have sneaked some of our cat's wet food which contains fish (if it is infact a food allergy). Since he was rolling around in lots of grass and the like at the park this week, hopefully it's just some seasonal allergies.

Anyway, seems like all systems are go from here (unless of course his medicines don't help)!