June 2nd, 2006

Still New and Trying to Figure the Picture Thing Out

Here's some more pictures of Mar"Tini".  She's 2 and weighs 22 lbs.  Her left eye doesn't look straight at you (it wonders out).  Some of my friends make fun of her and say she needs glasses and call her "Ugly Bug Eye".  I say there is no such thing as an ugly BT!!  The other boston is Tini's sister Maggie (she belongs to my sister).

<iframe src = "http://w64.photobucket.com/widgets/dynamicflash.php?featuretype=bucketshow&featurename=BabyGirl&pa=/h180/slwhiste/" height = 390 width = 325 border='0' frameborder='0' ></iframe>

Hope I am not a pain

Sorry everyone, I know I have been a pain lately but I have another question and Danger is my first BT so I have alot of learning to do.

My question is....is it ok for Danger to eat grass when he is outside? I have heard that it is not healthy and I have heard that it is actually good for him. He eats the really tall, long thing grass. Can anyone help???
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Newbie Here

Hello All! My name is Crystal. I live in Greenville SC and I have a gorgeous Boston named Lucy Lulu. Technically, her name is Lucy Shmeeler (after a hilarious character in the movie On The Town) but we just call her Lucy Lulu. She quickly became the heart and soul of our home....

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Bentley and Niko
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My mom and I were sitting out by the pool, discussing our day at work. It's 111 degrees out, but she likes to splash her feet in the water after a day at work. I stood in it a while, but I don't need that stuff splashing all up in my ears so I got out.
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