June 7th, 2006

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Molly's new puppy vet vist on Monday went well.  Even though she's small for 8 weeks, her heart and lungs are in good shape, and the vet said that she was a very good looking Boston.  She did have a "slight" ear infection, so we went home with some drops to put in twice a day.  

She's playing more, and really seems to be coming out of her shell.  At first, she didn't mind being in the crate at night, but now that she's getting attached to us, she's starting to whine and cry when we put her in there.  Poor puppy...

The kitties are doing okay with her.  They still keep their distance, but are fascinated with her.  I've been givng them extra attention and cuddles so they know that the puppy is an addition and not a replacement.  I think they'll be okay with her eventually.  They acted the same way when they met each other, and now they're all very close.

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