June 20th, 2006

I need HELP!!

Help! I need some advice. Danger has been on Anamax for about a week now and his ears don't seem to be getting any better. But I feel really stupid when I ask this question...I know that when I picked up the prescription that I had to clean out Danger's ear and get all of the "gunk" out of them and then put the Anamax in there. How important is cleaning out his ears first? Dangert FLIPS out when I get anywhere near his ears. Is there an easy way to calm him down so I can clean in his ears, or is there a simplier way to clean them out? I need him to be calm when I clean them. The reason I haven't cleaned them and have been giving him his medication without cleaning his ears out is because he doesn't sit still and I can't clean them out. I am afraid that this medication is not working because I haven't cleaned out his ears, however I CAN'T clean them out. Does anyone have ANY suggestions? Is there like something I can give him that calms him down or anything? I am getting pretty desperate. I really want to do it myself because Danger is absolutely terrified of the vet and I don't want to take him there if I don't have too. Please help...I am running out of ideas and I am getting really stressed out about this. I hate to see him shake his head and shake at his ears like he does right now. PLEASE HELP!!!
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I swear, Tanner has way too much energy. Here are some videos of me calmly grazing in the backyard while Tanner goes completely nutso. I just want to go back inside and he continues to freak out.




joey gets the last bit of today's sunshine
This is what I am good at, being cute and relaxing. Tanner is always yelling and running around and acting like a complete doofus face.

I mean look at him, that is the doofiest doofus face EVER!
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ever since i got my new puppy for my birthday in november we've been pretty much inseparable. frenchie sleeps, wakes up, eats, plays, all with me. i've wrote this in here before but when we got him he got some illness from a dog relocated from katrina while we has at the humane society. he almost died but has fully recovered only his mange in coming back, and really really bad. i cannot hold him without being completely covered in fur. he has large dry patches on his back. anyone know anything that will help? also, has your boston rubbed all the fur off his nub?(tail?) mr. french's tail is completely furless.

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