June 22nd, 2006


New Toys

Well we took Smudge for a big ride today up to PetsMart to get her a couple toys since we missed her birthday May 20th.

We finally got her some FatCat toys. We got her the mini Hurl a Squirrel and the big FatCat Snake.

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Griffie Puff


Here are some pics from the Richmond, VA Boston Terrier meetup group for your viewing enjoyment. We met this past Saturday. If anyone lives in the area, we'd love to have you come join us! We meet once a month and it's always a great time!!

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Hey Y'all

I have 2 cute dog collars someone gave to me for Boss and Deez, but they are 1.)HUGE 2.) more on the "girl" dog look. They are for the next size up dog, bigger than a Boston, I bet a boxer or a dog that size could wear them. Anyway, they are black with a red and gold Asian themed design. Think kimono fabric or something like that. I will send them to whoever wants them, as I can't use them and they are really too pretty to just let sit. SO, with that said, whoever wants them can have them, free of charge. Just email me your snail mail and I will send them to you, when ever I get out to the post office. There are 2 and they are the same design, about 17 inches long, with a plastic, pinch type closure.

I would prefer to send them to one person.