June 27th, 2006


Had a good weekend but now this!

Leeloo spent a lot of time outside this weekend since there was a lot of grass to frolic in, but now she's covered in little bumps all over her tummy.


I've given her a kids benadryl tablet (less than 12.5 mg) and bathed her but anyone have any idea what it is?


EDIT: It appears to be a food allergy, as we noticed that it was more an event from a little bit of icing that she had, rather than bugs...should we get her to a vet?
fantasia flower

Is it really happening??

This morning started out like it might be the best day of my life. We got to sleep in a little bit more than usual, this was awesome in itself! Then the best thing ever happened!!! Mom put Doofus face's harness on and he left! He was gone, out of the house, no longer here...amazing! I figured, we must have taken out a one year lease on a doofus face, and that lease is about up...so...he was out of here!!!!

this is Joey's favorite spot in the house
So I was looking out the door, to be sure he was not coming back...

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