July 3rd, 2006


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I took some pictures of Fizzgig and his friend Jordan a couple months ago. Fizzy has become increasingly dog aggressive and I was worried he would never have a doggy friend. Jordan is my co-worker's German Shepard. Fizzy loves him. They love playing chase, with Fizzy doing the chasing. Jordan was initially scared of him, but they get along now. I wish I had better pictures, but they are pretty much a constant blur when together. These were all taken when they were put in a cage together when we were too busy to have them running around.
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Hi again.

Skippy's once again annoyed that I was home for Canada Day-long weekendish time off.
*bug* *bug* *bug* *bug*
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ever wish

Ever have a point where you'd give a million dollars to have had a camera in your hand (that was ready to shoot). Today my darling boy tried to drop his stuffie and found he couldn't because it was stuck to his tongue. he stood there for 4-5 seconds with his tongue hanging out with a stuffed (i'm not sure what it is some sort of bastard love child of a christmas cookie/tree with a face) thing stuck to his tongue and he was clearly going "wtf?" and it eventually fell off and my mother and I laughed for 10 minutes.