July 5th, 2006

me 'n Ewan

Holiday Fun

Lucy went swimming and got a face full of water from a ball.

She liked the water as long as we were holding her close but she didn't like the "free floating" feeling. Of course we always kept one hand on her because we were afraid of her drowning.


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pee pee

We don't have a lot of grass in either our front or backyard and when Geech has to go pee, he has to GO, so there's rarely enough time to walk to the end of the block where there is more grass. The problem is that he likes to pee in the same spots and it's killing the grass. I've tried to steer him to new patches, but the lawn is so small that the whole thing is now covered in dead spots!

Does anyone know what to do about this? Is there maybe some sort of lawn product that combats doggie pee? And do Bostons just have super-acidic urine or what?!

Happy Birthday Schuyler

I often wonder if part of Sky's dislike of the fireworks is remembrance of being born. I'm sure fireworks sound just as nasty in utero. :0)

Well any way Schuyler Kings Ransom was born 10 years ago today. My little man is turning into a grumpy old man.

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Hi everyone. As you may know, the fireworks are still frightening our little ones, including my Anubis. He's hyper ventalating,and if hedoesn't stop, he'll have a heart attack. The point is, he won't calm down, I've tried talking softly to him, I've tried to lie him on the floor and pet his belly, I've tried just about all I can......and I was wondering if anyone out there had any ideas. I'd love to know, ASAP!!!

Thank you sooooo much!!!!
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