July 8th, 2006


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First off this is a picture of Martini having her bacon double cheeseburger at the kitchen table.  My husband didn't want to eat alone while I was on travel for my job.  He wonders why she would beg, duh!!

Anyways sorry if this is long but I REALLY need some help/advise....Do any of you have a BT with skin allergies?  Tini has had what I consider moderate skin allergies for at least 1 year (she's 2).  I feel it's moderate and I manage it wth Omega 3 oil, allerplex vitamins on her food, weekly baths and ear cleaning, and a special fish and potato dog food.  She has also had prednisone 3 times.  Yesterday I took her to the vet mostly because I'm wondering if she could have a heath problem since her personality is changing.  She has always been overly submissive and somewhat shy.  She loves all people and animals but does roll over to her submissive position whenever anyone comes over.  She has become excessively distant like she doesn't need any human interaction at all.  She lives under the bed.  I have to coax her out to go outside.  I have to hand feed her to get her to come and eat and even then she usually runs back under there and waits until we are all in bed to come out and eat.  I can't get her to get in our bed at all and she used to.  I even tried enticing her with treats - she jumps up on the bed long enough to grab the treat and runs under the bed.  I used to brush her while she laid next to me every night and she won't let me do that either.  If I block the bed off (close the door) she just finds another one to get under.  My vet said if she feels safe under there I should let her stay there and not force her out, at least for now.  She also referred me to an allergy vet and said it could be caused from discomfort from her allergies.  I would do anything for my dog and I have made an appointment but I'm not rich and they said the first visit could cost from $200-$800 depending on what they find.  I have kept the appt (July 31st) but I want to know if anyone has experienced a change in personality due to allergies.  I have spent hours researching the internet and could not find any correlation between personality and allergies.  If there truly is one I will figure out how to pay for this because I want her to be happy and I don't think happy dogs live under beds, especially at 2yo.  By the way, just in case you're wondering, she has NEVER been hit, neglected or even screamed at - if anything I baby her too much.  I REALLY hope someone on here knows something about this and thanks for taking the time to respond.