July 12th, 2006

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Poopy Problems.

Hi Boston Lovers,

I've been having some problems with Brad-Pitt's tummy. About 2 weeks ago, he began pooping in his crate which he never ever does. It was almost like he just couldn't hold it in. And it was not hard - it was soft. I would take him on walks and his poop was always runny. I took him to the vet when I saw blood come out along with the poop. The vet took some Xrays and ran some tests. He found a parasite and sent him home with 2 antibiotics: one for the diarrhea and another for the parasite. He took them for about 10 days religiously but the diarrhea persisted. He didn't go in the crate, but it continued on walks. Today I get home and he has gone in his crate again. I don't know what to do! Have any of you guys gone through this with your own Bostons?

He hasn't been eating any table scraps and his diet has not changed. Nothing is different.

Please help :(
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Mom bought us new toys because we are SOO good. At least I am!

I made the mistake of only buying one
Mom made the mistake of only buying one of these. So I had to drag Doofus around the house with it for a while.

Joey gets tired and lets tanner have it
I let him have it since I am older and more mature. (mom said its because I am getting old and a little bit fat and get tired too easy. Please note that she is the one who brought doofus here and EVERYONE knows the camera adds 3 lbs)

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