July 22nd, 2006


Friends or Enemies?

I just moved into a new apartment with one of my friends who has a cat named Spencer. Zeke and Spencer had met each other once before but it wasn't for a very long time. I am not officially moved into the new place yet, but I am here this weekend in order to introduce Spencer and Zeke. So far, it doesn't look as though it's going well. They both sit about 10 feet away from each other and stare at each other, with intersperced growls and hisses. Every now and then, one of them will get up to try to antagonize the other- Spencer will pay at Zeke's face or Zeke will run after Spencer and try to nip at his legs. The thing is, it doesn't look like they're playing. It more looks like they hate each other. But neither of them will leave the other alone. Zeke couldn't sleep last night cuz he knew Spencer was right outside the door. He also is scared to walk by Spencer if he needs to go into another room and Spencer is in the way. Zeke and Spencer are parting ways tomorrow, but they will be long-time roomies in a few weeks. Any suggestions? Is this just normal behavior? Both Zeke and Spencer are just over a year, and Spencer has been exposed to dogs before, but Zeke has had very few interactions with cats.

And also, becuase I never post pictures (I don't have a digital camera), here is a very bad, dark picture, where you can see me better than you can see Zeke!
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fantasia flower

exploding doofus face

Last night mom and dad went to their friend's house for a little bit. While they were gone Doofus Face Tanner got SO sick. Sicker than I ever got. He threw up on the couch, twice, on the floor in every room in the house and he even threw up on the fire place. He was very sad when mom and dad got home because he even threw up in his house. Mom and Dad were really scared and I was feeling guilty even though I didn't do a thing! Mom gave him a bath and sat with him and gave him little bits of water all night. Today, he is feeling a lot better, has eaten some food and ice cubes and is now happily chewing on his nylabone keys. He took a solid poop this afternoon and you would have thought he crapped out a gold brick the way my mom was so happy. BUT anyway, all is well in here and thank goodness for Bissel carpet cleaner machines. This morning mom found a half eaten rotten grapefruit in the yard, so we are fairly certain that Doofus decided to snack on some gross fruit. He really needs to take some lessons from me on proper yard etiquette. Mom felt bad because she didn't pick them up before he ate them :(

On with some pictures!

ikea duvet cover and new sheets (and new dog bed)
Mom got us this new bed for some reason, I don't understand it because I sleep in MY big bed and they share it with me. As I said, I didn't understand what that stupid thing was for, so the first night mom came looking for me and I was sleeping underneath it. She laughed at me but I am not sure why, it was pretty comfy under there.

this new bed makes me sleepy
Doofus making a doofus face

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hi people!
i have a question : i saw this ad in my local online classifieds and this woman claims she has a minature boston terrier (a female) for sale (see picture). she says the puppy is 8 weeks and weighs only 1 pound and should be around 7 to 10 pounds when adult. i have tried to contact her today but i got her machine and she hasn't called me back yet. here's my question : is there such thing as a miniature boston terrier? or is it maybe some kind of deformity? im really curious and a little confuse here! any help would be appreciated.
thanks xx

this is the actual picture from the ad