July 24th, 2006

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my buddy

Well.. I am kind of new to that community but I wanted to post some pictures of my bf's boston.  His name is Buddy.

Here's a few pictures of him..

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ebeys landing

speaking of sweet lovin'...

Look at these darling boys, right? Sweet little babies, right? Byrone the Elder (9+ years) and Leonard the Younger (all of 19 weeks) are the best of adopted brothers.

But should brothers be doing that all the time???

Seriously, they are little sex fiends! When Leonard first came to live with us, Byron's first reaction was to put the moves on, but we thought that was pretty normal. We thought Byron was just working his alpha status. But he's pretty much been working it daily since then! What to do? Honestly, it all seems perfectly consensual and we're really not all that freaked out about it. Just a little surprised, I guess.

Anyway, what do you all make of this behavior? Is there anything to worry about? Have you seen it in action (pun full-on intended) in your multi-doggie households? What do you do when you have other humans in the house? 'Fess up!
boston terrier cute

Princess Lulu

She tore up her darling Princess bed. It was pink with a little princess crown in the middle. She has had it for monthsssss and never did anything... Now it is destroyed. Her face is in result to me saying: "Luuuuuuuuluuuuuuuuu."

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Wheel of Fortune

Have any of you ever watched Wheel of Fortune with your pups? 

With Zeke, it's the funniest thing ever.  Every single time someone guesses a letter right and it makes the dinging sound, he barks and runs for the door.  It's practically 30 minutes straight of Zeke running back and forth between me and the door. 

I was just wondering if anyone else's dogs did this?

P.S.  Zeke and Spencer were I think glad to get away from each other.  Zeke is back in Boston with me now, and Spencer is still in Albany.  Thanks to those who left me comments!  They made me feel better and hope that with time they'll learn to love each other--or at the very least, just ignore each other!