July 25th, 2006

Boston Beetle

Inappropriate Content

    I am so sorry that someone posted a picture like that --- they didn't even have the courtesy to put it behind a cut.  Of course it should not have been posted at all.  It has been deleted by me, and since it was not deleted by the person who posted I have removed them from posting access.  Again, I am sorry that it wasn't caught before anyone had to see it.  RIP to that little baby.

90% there!

We are 90% there of getting the 10 month old baby boy! Tomorrow he should be comming over to meet Smudge and the family, and as long as everything goes smooth, we'll have another Boston baby!

We haven't told our father yet, and probably won't, hehe. That's the only way to really get anything "big" around here, is by bringing it home. It's how we got the house, Van, car, Smudge, our guinea pigs, and now the puppy.