August 2nd, 2006


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Sky King is being a very Non-good-dog (i refuse to call him a Bad-Dog)eveb though he's going ouyt a night and late at night he's messing in the house... last night he went out around 2:15 and at 7 am had left a mess. :-\ I dont' know what to do. my mother think piddle pads would just encourage him to always go in the house, i dont' know. Anyone have experience?

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I just found this site, and I must say, it's nice to find others that love Boston Terriers as much as me! We (my family and I) have 2. Toby is the man of the house. He is 4 and a half, and very fun to be with. He has become a member of the family, as much as anyone. Molly is the new edition. She was born on June 10th, which makes her just over 7 weeks old. So far she is good at making trouble. She's no different than Toby was at that age, I guess we just forgot how 'bad' they could be.








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A funny little story for you all this fine morning.

Last night after taking Saidie for a walk, I curled up on the couch and flipped the tv to The Westchester Dog Show that was taped earlier this year in NYC. The first run that we saw was the Sporting Breed and let me tell you, Saidie was glued to the telly even though it was way past her bedtime. She was sitting on the couch, ears cocked and alert. A few dogs trot on by and she's enamoured, head tilting this way and that but when the Doberman Pinscher came on - it was love at first site. She starts batting my legs and starts humping away like crazy!

Unfortunately my camera had no battery life left, because a video of her actions before the humping would have been priceless. Doggie porn.

Oddly, she wasn't very excited by the terrier group or any of the Frenchies or other Bostons. She did, however give me a second go when the Rottweiler won for the Sporting Breed.

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Goth Girl

Mission: Beach Escape

The Agent: Brutus
Breed: Boston Terrorist
Weapons: Killer looks and super elite cuddle and snuggle schooling

Mission Summary:
Owner figure took I and my cousin, Zeus - the evil half breed mongrel whimp, to the beach. Among dolphins and fish, I was successful in swimming and found that the tide was in fact, quite strong. These humans knew what they were talking about for once! I was able to break free a few times, being as how the human owner figure decided that I could run free - and then decided I was going too far out into the surf - she frequently changes her mind - it's what humans call being a Libra, I believe. I was able to catch a fish, as well as chase some of those evil seagull things with feathers. Owner figure thought I was trying to kill them - if only they knew they were making fun of me. I was able to mark all sorts of sand, though nothing was as fun as peeing in the ocean, as was specified by mission case 431.

Mission successful
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Baxter and I were outside a few minutes ago and I think he got stung by a bee. The little guy didnt even deserve it but somehow he did. I read last summer about some of your babies being stung. What did you do to help because he seems miserable. :(

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Those of you who have 3 or more dogs who is your home owners insurance? Mine just dropped me for having "too man dogs" - I have 3.

I am going to x-post so sorry if you are seeing this more than once.