August 9th, 2006

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i have a question for anyone. we have a 7 month old girl, and she went in to heat last week. my mother and i have noticed that her vagina is swollen and seems to be hanging down a lot more than before. it almost looks "pushed out" as my mom describes it. my mom has become extremely worried, especially since we plan to breed her. shes worried that it is an infection (she's had a UTI before) or even a vaginal prolapse. we're calling the vet in the morning to see if they have anything open to see her. im hoping its nothing, that it is just her being in heat and thats why its so swollen. have any of you experienced anything like this? and if so, what was the cause of it?
thank you so much everyone. love this community. i truly look forward to everyones pictures so i'll include a couple of our baby girl!
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What brands are you feeding your boston babies? We started feeding Harmony Pedigree because that's what my parents' vet recommended to them, and my parents' have always had healthy small dogs. But recently I've heard that Pedigree isn't the best. Any suggestions? What are the benefits to other foods? Harmony is 4 and seems to like the Pedigree, but we want to make sure we're giving her food that's healthy and has preventative health benefits.. Also, any tips on saving money on food, treats or toys? We only want to give our girl the best, but money is limited, so any ways to save would be great. I have found some great treat coupons in the paper, and the dollar store often has great toys, but any other ideas would be appreciated.
fantasia flower

Its not easy being a stain

They hate me!
And just to be sure I am totally mad at Mom she decided to put these ridiculous shirts on us tonight. I told her she better put my collar up because I gotta impress all my fans!

I do love to torture my dogs :)
I have perfected the art of looking away every time Mom decides she wants to take my picture. However, because Tanner is a complete doofus face he thinks I am actually LOOKING at something and he looks too...thus ruining the picture even more. Finally I got Tanner to do something useful!

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