August 23rd, 2006

Yay for puppies ( very long post)

Gambit made it all day yesterday with only one accident. He took a v. long nap in the afternoon (about 3 hours). I have his x-pen in the living room so I can monitor him and I lay down on the couch to sleep with him (he got me up at 5:50 am, people!) and set my timer to go off in an hour to check on him. I kept checking and he was still sleeping so I went back to nap. When I woke later, I noticed that I had slept through the 2nd alarm and that it had been almost 3 hours. But he was still snoozing in his bed! So I coughed and he woke up and we went out and did a pee and a poop. Only when I came back did I notice a little pee puddle on the floor by his bed so I cleaned it up with a dab of vinegar and that was it!

He didn't even pee or poop during the night. I want to crate train him so he can hold it but his crate is kinda big for that. He sleeps on a big blue pillow thing, and I've discovered if I turn it vertically (long wise down the length of the crate) it takes up pretty much the whole crate, with only a tiny space in the corners. I'm hoping this will work as he doesn't want to soil on his "bed" - he is meticulous about stepping away from it to eat or drink and pee peed as far from it on the floor as he could. But during the night I put it sideways at the back of the crate with some newspapers in the front in case he can't "hold it". He went to bed around 11:30 pm and my husband (the night owl, who doesn't get up until 9 or 9:30 am) took him out for a pee when he went to bed around 2:00 am. And when I got Gambit up at 6:50 this morning, joy of joys, he was pee and poop free in there!

He's so adorable. He knows which apartment door is his and runs right to it after going outside. I'm trying to make him walk because he's getting stubborn and will lie down on his leash and tug on it if I want him to come when he doesn't feel like coming. I think he's trying to make me carry him. But I'm trying to get him to walk as much as possible. He doesn't like the walk to the elevator, but will run outside once we get to the ground floor, run around, do his thing, and run back inside. He figured out after one try that he has to stand to the left while mommy unlocks the doors, and he knows which direction the elevator is, but he always wants to go the other way. Once we get up in the elevator, he runs right to his door. Yay for puppies!

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She's lucky she's cute

This is about a week old, but every time we put her in her kennel, we were roused with a rendition of "get us thrown out of the apartment." Her serenade lasted no longer, and no shorter, than thirty minutes each and every time we placed her in there. It didn't matter why - whether she needed to go to bed, because I was vacuuming (the little bugger likes to chase the thing, and I don't want to run her over), because her cat-brother needed a break from her constant harassing...whatever. Nothing but mournful doggy cries for thirty minutes.

Two nights ago, she was having her dinner of kibbles and canned puppy food (the woman we got her from was feeding her this, and I do it because I want to make sure she's getting enough to eat) and once she was done, it was time for bed: after a short piddle, that is. Usually, she makes us ask her fifty five thousand times if she needs to poop before she goes to bed, tell her to stop biting, and then she will finally let us wrap her in her aquamarine baby blanket with the lamb on it, and put her in the kennel. Once she's placed amongst her bears and other miscellaneous dog-treasure, she'll come out of her blanket and start the night time version of the song. Coming complete with weird little vocal growl-howls.

That's the norm. Two nights ago, we told her to go to bed, and she waited for us to get her blanket, rather than biting and acting like a little doofie, and went in her kennel and slept immediately. I thought this may be a new trick of hers, and that she'd be waking us up at one in the morning. Not so. She was silent - all night long, until the alarm rang the next morning at five thirty. She was definitely glad to get out of her house, but she didn't yowl.

Last night was the same. I want to say "eureka!" but I'm afraid I'll jinx it ;)