August 29th, 2006

On notes!

Dear Max Moo,
Just because Aidan is now crawling, does not mean that he is another dog.
You do not know how tempting it is, to whip out the camera everytime you mount your six month old human-baby brother, but, alas, as funny as it is, Mommy-ness takes over and I have to "MAAAAAAAAAX, NO!" you. I know this upsets you, but, sorry, your human baby brother is ahead of you in the pack. I still love you, though, and you may continue to hump the pappillion and the great dane.
Thank you,
Your friend and beta of this house-pack,
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Came across this community when I was searching for people with boston terriers in their interests, so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Cess, and I just recently bought my first Boston Terrier (who I am already madly in love with). His name is Genma, and he is only 3 weeks old. He doesn't get to come home until October 5th, but we visit him on a regularly basis. I work at Petsmart, so he will be a spoiled little boy. I swear, its like having a baby! Look foward to getting to know you all :)

Update on Harmony's new playmate...

After almost 2 months Corkie's ( foster mom called us. Funny enough it's the same foster mom that had Harmony, and she thinks they'll get along perfectly. Corkie's 6, which is older than we wanted, but she sounds great. My husband's going to take Harmony to meet her Saturday and if everything goes well she'll be the newest addition to our family.

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Beasties, we've had this discussion before, now I have to take drastic measures.

I have now decided I must limit the time I look at you to a few hours a day, or else I risk my own health, as I may die of cuteness overload, and if that were to occur, I can assure you no one else in the house will spoil you as terribly as I do.

Your Mummie



I have found at my local superstore an entire pile of littlest pet shop bosties at $4.98 a piece. I would be willing to buy up a large amount, if not all of them, if there are people here who would like to have them and would be willing to pay for them. If you don't want to get them off ebay and you can't find them in store, let me know PLEASE, so I can get these before they're gone. I don't want to make a profit, just break even, so $4.98 plus tax and whatever shipping is.

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Necessity is the mother of invention

LOL I thought Gambit's crate was too large and that's why he occasionally potties in it. So I took a big box and put it at the back and covered it with a towel so he couldn't chew the box. Now there's just enough room for his squishy blue donut bed, which he would NEVER soil as he loves it more than life itself.

I come home, to find Gambit asleep. On top of the towel-covered box. He hoisted himself up and squeezed himself along the top to lie down on the nice soft box. I am gonna have to stack another box on top so he can't squeeze up there. I'm afraid he'll fall down the narrow space between the box and the edge of the crate.

Why on earth would he do that? It's so funny.

UPDATE: This is a poor-quality screen cap from the webcam I use to spy on him. See him snoozing away??? Naughty puppy.

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me 'n Ewan

Missed It!!

Lucy did the funniest thing EVER yesterday and I didn't have my video camera around to catch it! :(

We were at a park and there was a small goldfish pond. The pond was surrounded by tall grass-type flowers. The pond was covered in lily pads. I called to Lucy and she came flying at me (mach 3) and without looking where she was going ran right into the pond and fell into the center of it. She then just stood there looking stunned. Hubby and I could only laugh until we were crying. I had then had to carry a wet dog home on my lap in the car (not the funny part).

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it seems like its been forever

Mom said today is our "Tanner"versary. One year ago today, the Doofus Face came to my happy home.

Dad, what is he DOING?
This was the very first time we met. Tanner wanted to sniff my butt, I wanted to ask my dad what in the heck this little freak was doing at my grandma's house.

Joey was humping him within 5 seconds
Then I got him in a headlock and told him who was boss around these parts.

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