September 6th, 2006


OK, I know that bostons have terrible gas...but good lord Danger stinks so bad. Does anyone have ANY suggestions on how to control his farts? hahahaha! Its so gross. But you gotta love the stinky butt dogs!! I wouldn't trade him for the world.

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I am kind of in a dilemna and I dont know what to do. I currently have a 3 year old male boston terrier and I have the opportunity to get another one today. (a 4 year old female) The problem I am running into it is is that Danger is VERY attached to me and very much my baby. I DO NOT want to get another dog if he is going to be upset by it. Does anyone have any advice about this? Has anyone had a boston that was very attached to you and then got another one?? How did your first boston act?? I dont know what to do. I would like to get another boston to keep Danger company while we are not home, but I dont want him to get upset. What do you think? Do you think that 2 bostons together are better than just one?? Please help!!

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Okay, this is kinda gross:

Bella is five months old. She pees outside just fine, but when it comes to pooping....SHE JUST WONT DO IT!!! Every time I take her for a walk, she pees a couple times (just marking and whatnot too) but it seems as soon as I get back home, take her off her leash, and look away for 0.5 seconds, there's a turd sitting on the floor!!!!!!! This is SOOOO frustrating!!

Any ideas on how to get Bella to do #2 outside and not on my carpet??

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when i came home from school just now, i noticed dublins chicken legs looked like this:

poor bubba. i think he may have gotten bit by some ants in the grass. is this a benedryl situation? if so, childrens or adult? full tab or half? he weighs 30lbs.
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it aids digestion!

So I know there are all the purists out there who say that dogs should NEVER get people food, and usually my mom and dad are complete jerks and give us nothing but hippy biscuits made out of all this 'good for us' stuff, but tonight our dad did the coolest thing ever!!

He let us try something called YOGURT. Have you heard of this stuff?? It is AMAZING!!

he is such a nice dad
This was my very first taste, look at Doofus with that look of jealousy... (please notice my amazing mid-air licking ability)

some tongue action
Don't worry, he got some too.

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