September 13th, 2006

Old Navy Hallowe'en Costumes

I recently purchased 3 items from Old Navy for Gambit. I purchased the size XS as it is the smallest they have and he has just reached 7 pounds. The plaid rain slicker and brown courdory coat fit him perfectly. The bat wings costume I bought, however, doesn't fit at all. Why? It's HUUUGE.

Yes I checked the tag on the package AND in the lining of the bat costume. It says XS. For those of you who haven't seen this, there are some great pics of elisabat's cutie pie Fizzgig wearing his batwings from September 3rd. Anyway, the wings go on in two places, once over the chest and once over the belly, just like the coats I bought which are THE SAME SIZE. The velcro straps over the chest fit fine. The velcro straps over the belly are HUUGE. I could actually take one of the straps and wrap it around Gambit twice. Like, two dogs could fit in there. It was as big around as my head. Is this normal? I know Gambit is not underweight at all, he was just at the vet yesterday and got the thumbs up. So what's the deal with the huge belly straps for my extra small puppeh? I will have to cut them and re-sew it so it will fit.

Anyone else have this problem? Or did I just get a freak batch of wings? I'd take them back but they're already out of the package and going to Old Navy is a real hassle as it's a ways away from me.
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