September 21st, 2006


Scurvy Boston and a Foamy Pug!

I just made my bed, I mean A MERE 2 MINUTES AGO and when I walked past my room this is what I saw!!
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Why is it that Bostons think they deserve the best seat in the whole house! That is MY BED!!! But my hubby's pillow! :D
And for more fun, while cleaning the yard, Boss thought it would be cool to lick a toad while I was outside doing some yard work. I know he isn't a Boston, but he is a Boston by proxy! (As his brudder is!)
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I know toads are not toxic to dogs, they just produce a substance that tastes vile to them and makes them foam. I would never let the dogs eat a toad. They were acutally playing quite nice with it, and Boss thought a kiss was in order!

Bad boston owner

Shame on whoever it was on here that bought all that halloween dog junk from old navy and spewed it all over this community!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME. It seemed so innocent, I was in the mall, "oh look, there's Old Navy, didn't someone mention on that boston_buddies community they have dog clothes? I just have a quick peek..."

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