September 25th, 2006

Who is Wendy's kidding?

Anyone seen the Wendy's commercial with the Boston Terrier? (It's the one with the "Magic Carpet Ride" cover)
At the beginning of the commercial, you see the Boston lift its head and bark. Only, this bark sounds more like something that would come out of a German Shepherd, not a Boston.
Matthew says he doesn't think it's a Boston, but from the first time I saw it, I have always thought it was.
Point is, when Max Moo barks, she goes, "SQUEEEAAAAMUFF!" Or just "MUFF! *snort!* MUFF!"
And I think it's adorable. But Wendy's seems to think Bostons should go "WOOF!" like a big dog.
/end rant
*I'm not really upset, I just keep thinking whenever I see it, "I wonder if anyone else in the BT comm's noticed that?

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Bella managed to find her new baggie of treats, bat them down (from a high place) and proceed to rip them open (very quietly) and eat all but FIVE.

Too much of a good thing is bad!!!

"oh my god...i'm gonna be sick!!"
boston terrier cute

Hog and Lulu Update

Hey guys! Sorry it has been so long since you've seen my little babies! That is because it has been that long for me too :(

My husband and I got a divorce and Hog & Lulu have been living with my parents in CA. Im in FL. Been here since July. When I left them I thought I was coming back in two weeks so I didnt even get to explain to them that Mommy would be away for quite some time :( I feel horrible. I miss them SO much but they are so happy because my parents have two bostons too. Tink & Rebel. 

My parents have a lot of land and they just frolic all day outside. Here in FL Lulu had only lived an apt life. Always having to be on a leash outside except when she was at the dog park. So yeah they are in heaven but god I miss them!!! My dad is having knee surgery October 23rd and he says he cant have 4 bostons jumping on him. So my boyfriend and I have to get Hog and Lulu before then.

We are trying to move to LA but it has to do with his job and we arent sure when that will be so we may have to go get them and fly them back under our seats. We will see but either way I should be seeing them soon I cant wait! My cousin took these pics right before I left. I have no idea why I never posted them here.


Lulu Bear

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Gambit Pictures

I finally uploaded some snaps I took of Gambit last week in his new Old Navy rain slicker and just frolicking. The last shot is of him tuckered out after the hard business of being a supermodel. LOL.

Enjoy the cuteness!! (Warning, there are like 10 pics behind the cut!)

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Narrow trachea?!

Well, i just had someone find me on myspace and ask me to adopt a 10 month old english bulldog pup with a narrow trachea. She is a breeder and this pup came up with the condition. She hasn't told me how much the adoption fee will be yet, but she said that she really wants the dog to go to a good home. She said that if this dog gains to mch weight then it can die.

I looked up what i could find about the condition and this is about all i could find:

"Hypoplastic (narrow) Trachea:
Bulldogs tend to have small tracheas considering their size. The average trachea measures between 6-9, which is based on the size of the trachea tube used during surgery. The higher the number, the wider the trachea.

The most common signs of a narrow trachea are shortness of breath, gurgling sounds, wheezing, The only way to know if your dog has this is with an x-ray.

Unfortunately, nothing can be surgically done to correct this problem. The best way to treat this is to limit strenuous exercise and keep the dog’s weight down. The less weight, the less strain on the body.

Many bulldogs live long and happy lives with this as long as they are monitored carefully."

I know this is a boston group, but since bostons are short nosed also i was woundering if anyone else here knows of a dog with his condition or has one. How bad is it? I can keep the dogs weight down no problem, but for the strenuous exercise that can be hard. all the bulldog i know of are ruff and tumble guys that like to play hard, well then again the ones i know are still young.

if you could help me out please let me know! I'm going to give my vet a call tomorrow and see if i can get anymore info out of him.

Thanks guys!!!