September 27th, 2006

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I am totally new and don't know if any of you ever visit, but I wanted to share it cause I think it is the cutest Boston site. The photo of the week pictures they choose never fail to entertain.
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Thought I'd come to you all for a little advice... Genma is not taking well to his crate at all. He will cry, and cry, and cry, and I know I probably shouldn't but I feel bad and take him out and have him lay with me because I don't wanna wake everyone up in the house. He'd go in his crate at night with his mom, brothers and sisters, so I was thinknig maybe its just because he's alone, and is missing them? I was just wondering how all your puppies did when they first went in the crate over night... do I just let him cry, so he doesnt think everytime he cries I'll pick him up, or what? Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated! :)
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home sweet home?

So ever since Rog got here, I have had no peace at all.

bitey face!
This goes on ALL night.

joey is soooo over it
I try to get my required amount of sleep, seeing as how I am nearing my golden years, but those guys never stop. Rog's tail is like a hummingbird, it never stops moving. My nub is much more dignified.

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My mom's camera has been broken. I'm happy, because Gawd I'm sick of smiling all the damn time. Anyway, she got a fancy new phone (nokia 6682) and that thing has been in my face since the day she got it.

I think I'm pretty cute here, when my tongue isn't as large as a magic carpet ride!

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