September 29th, 2006

caesar pup

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UPDATE:  i am proud to tell you - after waiting 15 minutes in the drizzle tonight caesar finally took the plunge and pooped in the yard.  it was a joyous occassion with lots of 'good boys!', dried chicken treats, jupping up and down, rubs behind the ears and kisses.  :)

thank you all so much for your tips and well wishes - caesar and i appreciate it.


first - a picture

second - a problem
caesar is very good with peeing outside.  unfortunately, we're having a bit of a problem with him pooping in the wilderness.  there seems to be a pattern:  we take him out to his bathroom spot.  he pees.  we hang around saying 'anything else?' and 'bathroom time!'.  once it is decided there is, infact, nothing else we bring him inside.   every time he is let back into the house he finds a hidden spot and poops.  he lays low waiting for us to discover it.  and when we do he is all 'tail between the legs, remember you love me, look at how cute i am'.  this has happened for about three days.

today we are trying modified crate training when he comes inside from peeing - into his crate he goes.  then in 10 to 15 minutes i'll bring him outside to see if he'll poop.  so far, not so good.  also - i'm afraid that he'll begin to think of his crate as a "bad place".

ideas?  has anyone else had a problem like this?

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Thanks to some of the cute things you guys are posting in foundbostons!!!

Rista never barks, not unless I make her, and she never has, so I find it funny she barks in her sleep (only at night, not during nap times), it's like she lives in her boston terrier alternate universe where she's fierce and barks all the time.

She just lies there in the covers "moof, oof moomffom" and her little body gets all twitchy. For years I thought she was coughing and only a while ago figured out she's barking, how dumb am I?

Any of your bostons do this?