October 1st, 2006


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we have a new puppy in the house. No, unfortunately we didn't add to the zoo, we are just dogsitting. We are dogsitting a 6 month old Daschund (please note his crooked face, he got stuck in the birth canal!) and a very chubby Pug. Lucy and the pug love to play, but since Andy the Anteater has joined the bunch, he prefers to watch.

Lucy isn't sure what to think

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I'm so petitioning to keep the little guy. they have sooo much fun together :-p except he alternately humps and tries to nurse off of Lucy, and she is so weird, she just takes it with a worried look on her face.
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These are all of Pugsley.  (Did I understand the rules right -- I can enter one per month per dog?  So, I could enter one for August of Pugsley and one for August of Edgar?  Please advise!)

God, I miss this little beast.

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Entry for OCTOBER: 

(This always reminded me of an old B-horror movie poster.)

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bath day = bad day

Today mom and dad decided that we all needed baths. I think this is the worst idea ever.

I'll just be watching tv with my corn if ya need me
Tanner was just innocently watching some TV and I was relaxing on the couch when mom and dad came in...

WHAT? A bath?? No way I don't need one!!

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