October 2nd, 2006


Baxter is in doggie ICU.

Baxter was emergently admitted to the animal hospital tonight for an impending ruptured eye.

He had a corneal ulcer that developed yesterday and it has now progressed to a bulge with fluid. He will be having eye surgery tomorrow so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, as he was in pain and will have a long road to recovery.

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Baxter update...

After I finished commenting back to everyone on my previous post (You guys are awesome, thank you so much!), we got a call from the vet and Baxter's eye did rupture during the night. The veterinary ophthamologist had seen him as of when I received the phone call and he will be having surgery today when the OR is available and as of right now, his prognosis is good. He should retain most of his eyesight, may have a little bit of impaired vision and a scar, but no major damage if all things go well.

He also was alert and keeping his eye open, but very upset he was in a "doggie house" and vocalizing his concerns the vet said. They are keeping him comfortable and giving him narcotics round the clock so that he doesn't hurt.

Keep Baxter in your thought today while he has his surgery.

Edit: He went into the OR today at noon and will be having a double graft on his cornea (one pig bladder, the other his conjuctiva). It will require general anesthesia but the ophthamologist said it's a 95% success rate and he should do wonderfully. He'll be on antibiotics and stuck in his sattelite dish for a while but should come out of this with both eyes intact and functional.

Sophie's Hoodie

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Heh, I went shopping over the weekend to start getting some cooler weather stuff. I noticed how cute this was when I started pulling stuff out of my bags. I got me, Anthony and Sophie hoodies - Sophie's hoodie is the adorable part of it all ;P

She's a happy giiiirl!!!