October 3rd, 2006


New to the community with pictures to share.

Oh my goodness!!  A Boston Terrier community!!  That's so exciting.

I currently have two Bostons.  Toby is 6 years old and tends to be a little timid but he's a pure gentleman.  I also have Ty who is a 6 month trouble maker.  He's always getting into stuff he's not supposed to and chasing the cat and chewing things.  But we love him to death.

I put a couple of pictures under the cut :).  Hope you like my boys.

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empty nest

So, Rog left and Tanner is not very happy about it.

Picture 1633
Here I caught him crying...

Picture 1626
He prefers to hide his face from you than to show you his tears. He does have his pride.

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