October 5th, 2006

Boston's Rule

Poor Poor Stitch

    Poor Stitch.  He won't ever go out to potty if it's raining.  And the sure sign of raining is that the ground is wet.  And it is because we are draining our pool and I have the siphoning hose going to the porch by the back door to water the foundation (two birds, right?).  Well... he would sit at the door to go out, and when I would open the door he would put his ears back and go sit away from the door... doing his patented "it's raining and I will melt" look.   So I carried him out to the dry part of the ground where if it were raining he would get wet.  Guess what he does?  He crouches down like he is getting soaked from rain and he walks that way back into the house.  He is such a strange little doggie.  IT IS NOT RAINING!  hehehe
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like lambs to the slaughter!

So mom got Doofus some toys to make him happy since he has been mr saddest since Rog left.

the lamb
We have a lamb, made by nylabone that is supposedly for strong to moderate chewers. We will see about that!

the ribs
And to go with the Nylabone Corn we now have nylabone RIBS! That are RIB flavored. Not like the stupid bacon flavored corn.

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