October 19th, 2006

Baxter Daniel

Puppia Harnesses

I know a lot of you use the puppia harnesses on your babies, i was wondering are they really worth the money? I saw online where they were $25. Are there any other links where you've seen them cheaper? And do they really work? Baxter walks like a crazy man on his leash and ends up choking himself and sometimes make himself sick. So if anyone can give me some feedback i would greatly appreciate it.
muchas gracias!
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Aston needs your vote!

Aston was picked as a finalist for the petsmart pet halloween costume contest and needs your vote! the competition is fierce so if you could spread the word to a friend or two (or 20 hahaha) we would very much appreciate it!! He's the little emperor, #29... Thank you in advance!!
fantasia flower
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shock and awe?

Mom just told me that dad's Aunt Patty is coming here at Christmas...you know what happened the last time Patty came to Arizona???

the doofus

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