October 22nd, 2006



I have a very large problem regarding Fizzgig. In my last post here, Fizzgig's calendar entries, I mentioned that I recieved some very bad news about my mother. She has recently been diagnosed with aggressive cancer which has spread to her brain. In approximately 1 month, I am going to be moving cross country to take care of her. She initially told me that I cannot take the animals. This is not like her, she loves animals. And specifically, she loves any animals that I have. But she is sick and terrified. She feels that she cannot handle the stress of having the animals around. I compromised, and will be living in the basement with my 4 cats and Fizzy. If it does not work out, I will find an apartment nearby. I'd rather not do that because I want to be there for my mother.

Here's the big problem. She requests that she not hear them. Presently at home, Fizzy is silent unless he has a nightmare. I currently live in a studio apartment and there really is'nt any room for him to feel neglected or to lose his toys. But it's different at work where there is a ton of room to run around and lose his toys. He is constantly whining and if I choose to ignore whatever is currently killing him, like the loss of a toy or him feeling neglected, he starts screaming. It's ear piercing and I usually give in. I sometimes yell at him to be quiet, which has no effect, so I just give into whatever he wants.

I know I should'nt yell at him. I know I should'nt give in. Anyway, just in case anyone can offer any advice on how to keep him quiet, I'd really appreciate it. My concern is that the basement is very large, and I'm expecting to have to spend a lot of time upstairs, with my mother.

Also, I plan on x-posting this concern elsewhere. If anyone has any suggestion of a good community to ask about this in, please let me know.
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The Bil Crack Stink

We've been getting some delicious treats lately, just for being so cute. They are called "Bil Jac" but mom calls them "Bil Crack" since we go nutz when she opens the pack. She keeps threatening not to buy them anymore though, on account of the gas.
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Has anyone else tried these "Zukes" dog treats? I bought Rista the soft chewy "hip action" peanut butter ones with glucosamine and chondroitin, plus all these other vitamins and minerals, I figured since she's getting older, it will help with her hips and kness, although she hasn't shown any pain or anything. You give them one a day. Beasties seems to love them, she loves peanut butter, and they smell like fresh jerky, I think I would recommend them.

Check them out, they have all kinds. I bought mine from Bosleys


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This year will be our first Christmas was Skeeter.

We were just discussing how hard it will be to find a tree (it's also our first Christmas living in NYC) and being that Skeeter pees on everything that sticks out of the ground, should we be prepared for him to try to PEE on our TREE?

Does this HAPPEN?! I don't know what to expect!!!

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Does anyone else's Boston get extremely grumpy when you suddenly wake them up with ridiculous fussing and loud kissy sounds because they're so cute when they're sleeping you just have to grab them and squish them, much to their chagrin.

You usually get a variance of these looks, the smooshed face, stuck lips, glazed expression and annoyed look.

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