October 27th, 2006


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Just a heads-up to all who sneak their puppies table scraps!
Sugar-free stuff can cause liver failure

Also, Lucy is sick and we think its an upper respiratory infection. we've been giving her honey and trying to give her kid's cough syrup. she hasa fever and a runny nose but she is just as active and is eating and drinking so the vet said she doesn't need to come in right away. Anywho, its a really scary sound, so think good thoughts for her :(
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HELLO! just wanted to say hi and introduce you to my new little boston terrier terror, Pepper! i've had her for 2 weeks now and she's almost 12 weeks old. this is my first boston, my first puppy EVER in fact, and it's been quite the adventure so far...

she sleeps a lot...more than i ever thought she would!! i have her sleeping in a dog bed at night, but i sure she'd prefer sleeping on the couch or on my lap!! she gets hiccups ALL THE TIME - is this a normal boston thing?? she also hates her leash. i know she has a lot of energy to get out....but i can't make her walk on it!! she just STOPS dead in her tracks and stares at me with a "i'm NOT going anywhere" look. any suggestions?? i hate just dragging her along till she starts moving. also, i have noticed that her eyes get really red at times. i have read that this could be from allergies, but i dont know how to tell the difference between an infection and allergies. advice?

sorry for all the questions and requests for advice....i'm just new to this and you all seem like EXPERTS! hehe.

anyways....nice to meet you all!
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he's HERE!

He has peed on the floor twice, but I gotta admit he is pretty darn cute.

our house guest for the weekend, Lambeau
His name is Lambeau and he is a 13 week old border collie. He will be staying with us until monday. So far he seems afraid of me but I swear he makes these weird little whining noises and it scares the CRAP out of me.

tanner shows lambeau around the yard
He's always moving but mom got a couple of good pics of him.

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SATYR8:  We need a larger version of Bentley & Niko's December's Entry

ASHLEY_ROBIN: We need a larger version of Clementine's November Entry Thank You!!!

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KISSTHERAIN4ME:  We need a larger version of your March Entry and PLEASE tell me that baby's name!

AS SOON AS I get these I can get the calendar ready for ordering!!!
At that time I will post instructions, etc.


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how dangerous is cigarette smoke to my boston? i've always tried not to smoke around him but i usually like to take him places with me and i smoke alot in the car. i also try to keep most of the windows down if i can. but today i took a joy ride with frenchie to look at the autumn tree's and it was raining so i just cracked my window, and he was fine on the ride (actually looking at the tree's too..) but when we got home and out of the car he threw some sort of hairball fit and i was thinking maybe it was from the smoke. just to be sure i'm not going to smoke around him anymore but i was just wondering if we had any other boston owners who are smokers?