October 29th, 2006


Hey guys, we haven’t posted pictures of Otis in a while. He is still a big stinker and causing trouble lots of trouble. Below is Otis with Fig wrestling as usual. Do other bostons hold their own with the big dogs too?

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corset layingdwn

I have a baby of my own now!!

I found the baby for me. Hooray.
None of the pups I had posted. My parents live in CA and found someone and went and saw the pups and the people and I ofcourse trust their judgement and all Ive seen is the pictures but I adore her and now my parents are debating getting her brother.
I sent my parents all of the questions you guys suggested and so she made sure to ask it all.
They already paid for her but I didnt want them to have her for a week so they are keeping her at the people's house.
They are going to pick her up on Friday and Im going to meet them in the mid-point between our houses on Sunday.
It seems like soooooo long from now. I cant wait.
She is 3 months old. And she is still unnamed. They have a name for her but I dont like it. So Im thinking but I cant truly name her til I see her personality.
Here she is!!!