November 6th, 2006

corset layingdwn

Day 2

So I think we may name her Brooklyn.
But I was wondering if anyone has a Houdini dog like her?
I got a pet gate and had her in the bathroom and then I come home and pet gate is still up bt she is in the bedroom staring at my when i walk in.
Dont know how she did it but she did so I guess Im getting a crate.

And she didnt have any accidents that Ive found or can smell while I was at class but now I get home and she pees on the floor right in front of me.
Silly dog.

Also, how often did you guys feed your dogs as pups or now and how much?
Im used to having big dogs and I read on the side of the bag how much they suggest but I want to make sure she is getting enough?

One more thing, how do you guys stop your dogs from stuffing their faces. Right now Im adding water to her food so she cant just swallow it whole but I dunno if there is any other suggested way

A Little Movie

Ty would never admit it right out....but he really does love his kitty...who of course seduces him into getting close enough to her so that she can beat the living daylights out of him.  So behind the cut is a quick video of Ty doing a few tricks and being a "good boy" and then attacking Jezebel (his kitty).  Sorry it's a bit dark but that's about as bright as my house gets at midnight.

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breast cancer walkers
So this weekend I was minding my own business and trying to catch up on my sleep when all of the sudden, there were people everywhere!! I mean thousands of people walking RIGHT past my house and they were all wearing pink and yelling and cars were beeping their horns like crazy. I thought it was an invasion! Then mom said that they were walking 60 miles to raise money for breast cancer research. I thought this was pretty cool so I stood in the window cheering for them for a long time. Mom sure doesn't know how to get behind a good cause, she kept asking me to be quiet.

Joey is 'cheering' them on
She finally let me just keep barking, I mean, CHEERING!

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Finally, here is some video of me demonstrating my excellent skill at disappearing under the covers.

Also, here is a good tug of war battle between doofus and I