November 9th, 2006

happy 1st birthday aston!!

today is aston's BIG day! He is now a ONE YEAR OLD! Oh, how time flies. It just seems like yesterday that we could cup him in our hands. this little one has given us so much unconditional love and has taught us so much about being good "parents". his love is truly a gift from above. Happy birthday baby. Mommy and Daddy love you more than words can say.

Click on Aston's picture to view a slideshow of our favorite photos and clips of Aston's first year of life....(If the link doesn't work, please try again at another time. youtube can be funny sometimes. Oh, and sorry for the poor quality. It really is good, but when it got compressed, the quality was sacrificed.)

What?! It's been a year already?! Does this mean I'm not a puppy anymore?!

We will be having a small little family party later on this evening....just the three of us. Aston can't wait to open his gifts and to get some tasty treats! And mommy is excited to test out her new camera. (It's the for now camera. i'm still lusting after the Canon Rebel XT). hehe.... so stay tuned for a flurry of pics later on today!

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My husband and I moved into our first house last month. Last week we had a privacy fence built. Now Zeke & Hazel (for the first time in their lives) have a yard to run around in... OFF LEASH!

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I just want to squeeze them sometimes :)

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I know, I know, I have to say, of course I love beastie's little slammed in the door tail, and even that cheeky little pink smiley face of a bum she has, but how many times do I have to accidently touch it? Whether she comes and sticks that round sweaty piece of bum space to my arm (purely by accident of course) or my foot, or she's sleeping and I'm skitching her bum and she jumps up all of a sudden, cause said scratchy fingers to end up in less than prime real estate or we're playing and she whirls around and some part of my anatomy gets bottomized. I mean, I love her, and I love that half bald tail that wags like it doesn't know it's only an inch and a half long, but sometimes I feel like I need to always wear long sleeves and pants and carry purell with me everywhere to prevent that rosy rump stamp from gettin' me!!!

Can I hear some empathy out there??

"Auugh! I've been kissed by a dog! I have dog germs! Get hot water! Get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!!"-Lucy Van Pelt

All I'll say is that Lucy was lucky that Snoopy was a beagle and not a boston or she would have been getting some loving from the other end!

RE: Pup is sick

Well I took Elliott to the vet today. After telling the doc what's been going on with Elliott and after an examination he says that Elliott probably ate something he wasn't supposed to (duh) and that he seems like he's real healthy so not to worry too much. He got a shot and was sent home with 2 medications to help ease his stomach. If his vomiting and diarrhea continue onto next week I need to take him back for X-ray's.

Thank you for everyone who commented. I wish my dog would learn not to chew on everything in sight!
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He cleared away about 2 square feet with his shark mouth
The Shed Creature has gone into the bushes. Here you can see me clearing brush with my TEETH. I am tough!

Joey is after something in the bushes
It has to be just behind this big bush!!

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I continued at this for a while but never did find the Creature. Mom made me go inside :( MEAN mommy, she doesn't know I only trying to protect her!
Baxter Daniel

Poor, poor Baxter :(

My poor little Baxter has had so many skin problems in his year and 7 months of his life. Last year at this time he had fleas from puppy school and now he has them AGAIN! I don't know where he got them either. We put Frontline flea medicine on him today and sprayed the house down with flea killer. Do any of you have any other tricks to getting rid of them fast?  He also has this big bump on the back of his ear too. It has developed these past 2 months. At first we thought it was just something he did to himself but it has gotten bigger these last few weeks. We took him to the vet and he was concerned and said that it will have to be removed. Baxter has surgery next Wednesday to remove the bump. They think it is just a cyst but it has to come off. My poor little man. He is going to be so mad at us and he will probably have to wear a big cone on his head. :(

Fleas suck
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Ty would like to tell you about his day

**Unfortunately I broke my camera in the process of taking some outside pictures when I was suddenly bombarded by the Troublesome Twosome and my camera took a dealthy fall to the cement...but here...Ty wrote a journal entry for you instead**


Dear Journal,

Mommy is not too happy with me.  She says I need to go to "boot camp".  But I can't help getting into trouble...honest!  It's just that...everything is so exciting and different.  I just have to check it out.  Like today Mommy was feeding the kitty (by the way she feeds the kitty on the basement steps behind the baby gate so that we don't bother her...she also feeds Toby in the in-law suite behind yet another baby gate) but she forgot to put the basement gate up!!  And I just couldn't help myself.  Jezebel's food just smelled so good.  I just wanted a little sniff that's all.  But I'm a big klutz and well I kind of sort of fell down the steps a bit.  Oh don't worry I'm fine....the kitty however...well I kind of maybe sort of knocked her all the way down the steps.  And I couldn't just let her food sit there and go bad!!  So I ate it all really super fast.  Now my tummy hurts and Mommy says I have something called "Dia---ree---ah".  Whatever that is.  She going to make me go to that place where the man wears a white coat and he lifts you up way high onto the metal table and they stick you with pointy things called needles.  But it's okay...they always give me a cookie.

Who is this man they call the Dog Whisperer?  Mommy watches that man all the time on the television.  She said she's going to call him and tell him to come over.  Yay!!  Someone new to play with!!  I don't know why she thinks she needs someone to "train" me.  I do tricks!!  I sit and I shake and I lay down and I dance and I speak.  What more could you ask for??  Oh...yeah she never seems very happy when I go potty in the house.  But it's winter!!  It's cold!!!  And that plaid puffy coat she got me is just ugly.  I mean, c'mon lady, even I have better fashion sense than that.

*sigh* these humans...they just don't understand!!  There's just so much I have to do everyday!!

Until next time,