November 11th, 2006

aston's 1st birthday - cliff note version & extended remix!

aston had a wonderful birthday!! he was definitely spoiled rotten!! thank you all for all the warm wishes! below are the CLIFF NOTES VERSION of his birthday. If you want to see the full effect and see tons more pictures and video, a.k.a. the extended remix, visit: (this link might not work right away as I just uploaded it just now. if the link doesn't work, give it a few minutes and try again!)

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aston's army-themed birthday party

we woke up in the middle of the night to pouring rain, but by the time got up, the sun was OUT... which meant aston's party was ON!! we were SO worried that we would have to cancel it. thank you, oh, weather gods, for making the day fabulous for our furbaby so he could celebrate with his doggie friends!

here are some detail pictures of aston's 1st birthday party! it was SO fun putting everything together. we had a fabulous turnout! aston's SUCH a lucky boy!! my dh joked that he had more friends than he did! LOL. everyone who said they'd come - all came! it was so great to see everyone. some other people at the park didn't believe that it was a birthday party. LOL. the only snafu was that the dog toys we ordered didn't arrive on time (for the favor bags). but other than that, aston's birthday celebration was so much fun!

and if you aren't tired of seeing videos of Aston, I also made a birthday party video! heheh.

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