November 14th, 2006

coming to a theater near you

the following movie was inspired by a comment made by another member of a board i belong to.

as borat would say, "please you come see my film. if it not success, i will be execute."
(if the link doesn't work, please try again at a later time. i just uploaded it.)

p.s. i think there has to be a reason why he's wearing the "i <3 dad" sweater, not the "i <3 mom" one. man. too much fun with iMovie. hahah
eight year old me

cat vs. dog -- help!

Okay guys, I need some help!

We're moving at the end of the month, and found a great big house with a great big yard and it's basically going to be doggie heaven.  Making the move will be Edgar (Boston), Ollie (Jack Russell mix), and Hotis (my dog-nephew, who is a Boston/Pit Bull mix).  Here's the part that gets tricky:  Our roommate, Mary Beth, wants her cat to live with us.  My gut tells me this is not going to work, but I see pictures and hear stories from you guys all the time about dogs and cats who live together and love each other.  Other information that you might need to know:  Her cat has been living with a dog for the past 10 months (apparently they were not happy with each other at first, but are BFFs now), and the cat has not been de-clawed (so it could totally scratch out little puppy eyes).  So ... how can I make this work?

Basically, I need to know:

1)  How to introduce the boys to this cat, who has claws, and
2)  If they react badly to each other at first, at what point do I know to give up? 

I am so terrified to step into stupid pet owner territory here, so please tell me about your experiences with cat/dog integration.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

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