November 15th, 2006


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man! im having a hard time focusing today everyday. i have a HUMONGOUS stack of work to do, but all i can think about is posting pictures of the dog. i think the dog pics are gonna win.

last night....

she pretty much LOVES to sit in this corner of the couch at all times. in the morning, she'll sit right there are stare at me while i blow dry my hair in the bathroom. it's pretty much the cutest thing ever created.

p.s. is it too late to get my dogs ears to stand up? do i HAVE to tape them?? she's three months old.....



So, I'm a Florida boy, and my wife _________sheerais from the Arizona desert. Leo, our Boston Terror, is also from the warm climate of Tucson, AZ. We're living in Georgia now, and it's starting to get cold, which neither of us have every had to deal with.

How do your bostons react to the cold weather? Does Leo REALLY need to wear that silly pea coat that Sheera keeps begging me to buy him?

Leo's been kinda finicky lately as well. He won't go outside if its raining, or if the ground is wet. I'm kind of worried how he'll handle snow for the first time.

And, for good measure:

Wait, you're not going on vacation, are you?

Don't forget to pack me!!!!!!

Question regarding boston ears

My mom's co-worker brought his boston terrier Cocoa to work and he had her ears all taped off to help them stand up. I thought that was a good start but I know someone once mentioned something about cottage cheese. I wanted to pass this advice on to him. Can anyone elaborate?

How can you help your BTs ears stand up? Do you massage the cottage cheese in or do you add it to their food? Anyone willing to share their experiences would be helpful :) Thank you!

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storm the castle

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Haven't posted here in a while, but I thought you all might like to see Kiwi's Hallowen costume
Kiwi really hated me right about now. But she was so freakin' cute as a dinosaur!

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