November 24th, 2006

can't control destiny

I need some help, please!

Hi everyone, I appear to be in a bit of a major pickle. I haven't posted to here in a while, but I am Tuffy's mommy (and Tuffy just celebrated his 11th birthday)

Last year, Tuffy and Molly won October for the calendar contest, and there were other pictures submitted of Tuffy, Rory, Molly and Bob throughout the borders of the calendar. My mother had the calendar on display in the kitchen, and my (idiotic) boyfriend wrote something on one of the dates - unbeknownest that the calendar was my mother's (how could he not know? people can't just write things on other people's things!!) and that she wanted it to be kept unused. I went to the link from last year to order a new one, and it says the product has been removed or deleted.

I don't know what to do, my mother is upset and I feel like the most terrible person in the world for having someone around that would hurt something of hers that appears to be unreplacable and I'm extremely distraught, but that is not the point.

Does anyone have the original files so that I could please order a new one to replace this one? At this point, I won't even care if I order a 2007 calendar with the 2006 images. It is just extremely important that I am able to get a new copy of last year's calender.

Please help me. I'm extremely upset and want to fix this. Thank you!!