November 28th, 2006


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We just had a record snowfall for November (being in BC, we don't get much snow), so I rushed out and bought Rista some booties and broke out the christmas sweater early. Beasties, being a bulldoggy breed, doesn't complain, but I could see the snow hurt her feets, and last year she got a cut on her paw from ice, so I bought the boots!

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Today I took Lola to get her next set of shots. Noticed a couple weeks ago that she had a spot on her side that was missing fur so I brought that up as well. Got a skin scraping to make sure its not ring worm or anything and when they were looking under the microscope found out that she has dermodex, or dermodectic mange. I have noooo experience with animals with mange so I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue. She had to get a shot for it and special shampoo and then has to go back in two weeks to get another shot for it. So $90 later Im not sure what to do or how she got it..AND I feel all creepy crawly like I have bugs now. haha.
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Hello all!

I've been around a couple months (by the name "hanbnan") but am just now officially introducing myself and my boston, Fig.

This is my sister and me with Fig last Christmas. She had an eye infection, poor thing, and I made her pose anyway. She was slightly irritated at me and refused to look "cute" for the camera.

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Pics of Boo

Here are some pictures of Boo. Sorry they aren't posted right. I'm computer stupid and lucky I could figure it out at all.

Things aren't going to well. He is an awesome dog but is OBSESSED with humping. I took him to the vet today and she said he is about 2 lbs. under weight but otherwise healthy and heartworm negative. I have scheduled to have him nuetured on Thursday. Does anyone know how long it takes the hormones to settle down after that. I am soooo distraught and depressed. My husband is ready to divorce me over getting the dog and everyone is trying to make me feel guilty for rescuing him. I just had to and now I don't know what to do. If I can't make this work between Tini and Boo what can I do? I can't just abondon him after all he's been through and he's so sweet. I don't know anyone that I would even trust to give him to. All advice is welcome and please wish me luck.
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How does that rap song go...its getting hot in take off all your clothes. Well apparently mom thought it said, its getting cold in here so humiliate all your dogs...

hoodie dogs
So here we are in our Old Navy hooded sweatshirts.

tanner hears something
My uncle was watching some movie with crying babies on the TV and it made Tanner look like this. Obviously mom is holding a treat, otherwise I would not have been looking at her or the camera.

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