December 1st, 2006


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I have a question for all you female boston owners -

Bella is not fixed yet, but she's in her first heat (i'm waiting til her first birthday to fix her) but she's usually so active all the time. Since she's started her heat, she's been very still.

Is this normal? What else should I expect?

Thanks everyone!
beware of dog

smile time

Today I got the bright idea to buy Lainie a puppet. My reasoning was that she loves toys, so wouldn't she love one that would move and play back?

Unfortunately, I forgot that she usually just unmercifully attacks her toys. And, with this puppet, she was unmercifully attacking my hand. I totally did not think this through.

Once I pried my hand out of her teeth, I abandoned the puppet to its fate and ran for higher ground. The puppet didn't even last fifteen minutes. Poor thing.

and now a random picture:


also posted to my journal

Edit: I erased my phone number in Lainie's tag after a friend pointed it out . . . I don't need someone looking up my area code and deciding to call Lainie, after all. :Þ
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I need recomendations, and I have a rather morbid question at the end as well...

As Sassy's health is failing, her accidents are increasing. We own a big steam cleaner, but it is hard for me to pull out *every time* she has an accident. I was looking at spot steamer reviews on target, but I was wondering if any of you have any reccomendations as to a sopt steamer that worked really well for you.

And for the morbid question for those who have dealt with pet death.....

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boston from teens

Lady Violet Carlotta has a new friend!!

Poor little Violet was so lonely & bored all alone!!

So we went and found her "Ish Kabibble Spatsworth" or "Spats" as we call him:

We got him a couple weeks ago and he's just the cutest little pug puppy! He and Violet are already so in love and he's almost housebroken!! What a smartypants!

He was named after this guy named Ish Kabibble from the Kay Kyser band. This is his (and Ish Kabibble Spatsworth's) theme song.

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Autumn 2010

the boston tea party.

A few weeks ago Winston and I went to an all Boston party at a shop downtown. There were six Boston's present, and ALL male.

There was only one female dog there, which was the store owner's Whippet, Roxy. She loves the Boston's, but as you'll see in one of the videos.. she just wanted them to shoo.

Anyhow, I have a ton of photos and two videos to share. Enjoy!

Winston and my friend Adam. Oh so photogenic.

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the grass is always greener...

So the other day I was complaining about the stupid hooded sweatshirts, right?

dogs in the hood
We were wearing them on and off for a couple of days and even though they were warm, I thought I looked pretty stupid.

crabby joey
So I started to think of a plan to ditch the hoodie...

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