December 3rd, 2006


If you want custom pet/whatever portraits/tattoo flash/etcetc, this week is your last chance to order- especially those who wanted charcoal on canvas. ;-)
For those who do not know, my portfolio is here.
Some of those in there are not fully finished, but I swear, yours will be and approved by you before the full charge/ship. ;-)
(Posted with..grandfathered permission? I have posted before about this.)
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Rory in Flowers

Rory and Ellen meet Heather (Heathersblue)

I finally got to meet Heather from Oklahoma. Of course, I was very disappointed that Heather did not bring Rhu to New York City, especially since I discovered that the hotel was pup friendly. But I will excuse her if she promises that we will get to play some day! My mom had a lot of fun getting to meet Heather and talking to her, and wishes that we had been able to visit longer. Heather told me that while I look a lot like her, I am bigger and my coat is a redder color. Rhu is more petite and mahogany. I look as if I really enjoy my dinner, which I do!