December 4th, 2006

boston terrier cute

Hog's celebrity encounter

So guess what Hog did at the dog park today? Oh just that he tried to steal Jake Gyllenhaal's baseball. Ran up to him, jumped up and tried to take it out of his hand.... Yeah. he was there with his friend throwing the ball back and forth. His two dogs were there too that you see all the time on 


It was so freaking embarrassing..  I was yelling at Hog to get his ass over to me and Jake was just smiling and trying to show him the ball... He came running back and he turned around and smiled at me.. I said "sorry."

Then I got tormented by Michael (my boyfriend) the whole time because of the smile I got LOL. He thinks I am in love with him now and that I must have just wanted to die when he smiled at me like that... oh and that I got to talk to him by telling him sorry.. hahahhaaaaa

Oh Hog!!!

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