December 12th, 2006

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Kayti - #1

This is most likely my very first post of my Boston Terrier, Kayti.
After viewing so many adorable pictures of other Bostons here, I couldn't resist sharing
my recent Xmas pictures I took a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, she's a very photogenic
dog and knows when I brandish my camera that it's time to pose.

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fantasia flower
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this is the life

looking at the card
So, my friends, I am a member of the Dogs with Blogs site. We did a christmas card exchange and I can't believe how many cards I have got! If you dogs have a blog, go join the dogs with blogs site! If you can't get enough of me, you can check out my blog.

the STAIN blog

Anyway, we won't be needing to buy a turkey or a ham this year for Christmas, I think we will just carve up Doofus face

christmas is coming, the doofus is getting fat...

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