December 30th, 2006


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I'm a terrible neglectful mummy, you should take my Beasties away from me ;(

First I gave her raisins (I didn't know I swear!!) and then last night when we were going to bed, I had turned off the lights and she was following me to bed, I was talking to her and she was right behind me, and then all of a sudden I was in the hall and I hear *boom, boom, bomp, bumpity, crash bang, boomboomboom, crash* and I whip around and Beasties has fallen down the flight of stairs to the basement, she turned down the stairs instead of turning down the hall. So I flick the light on and almost fall down the stairs myself. She's just standing down there, shaking a bit.

I pick her up and check her over, other than being completely shaken up and confused, she seemed all right. I fussed a lot over her and took her to bed.

I noticed some swelling and redness of her eye this morning and a little lump on the back of her neck, but other than that, she seems fine, no limping ot fussing. Needless to say I was worried sick all day at work, wondering if she could be bleeding inside or something. But, based on the normal gas emissions tonight, all is well. She seems tired though, and ran to me when I got home and passed out instantly on my lap.

Man that shook me up.